UU Principles and Purposes

                           "Room for Different Beliefs. Yours." 
Ours is a non-creedal religion; each of us finds our own way on our "spiritual journey". However, our common Principles help unite us and guide us.

History & Symbols



Rev. Paul Beckel  Rev. Beckel and family
Reverend Paul Beckel, minister of First Universalist-Unitarian Church.

UUs have been active advocates of peaceful ways to settle differences.
A universal hope.

UU kids at play.    UU kids at Halloween  UU kids having fun together.

UU kids cleaning the environment 
UU kids working together in the community.

A wedding ceremony in our historic church
A wedding in our historic building.

Church picnic at Riverside Park.

Religious Ed lesson on environment.

UUs at Camp Manitowish      Fun and board games
UUs enjoy the annual Family Retreats at Camp Manitowish. 

Family outings

Photo of two new members
Two new UU members