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Thursday, 01 March 2012

UUWausau Religious Education, February 26-March 4, 2012


That was fun! Kind of. I packed a bag in anticipation of the big snow event and hunkered down at church for 36 hours. That's one way to put in a week's worth of work at one time, but I don't recommend it. Obviously, I did not work the entire 36 hours while I was stuck here at church, but moving in like that makes things kind of blurry and surreal. Something about brushing and flossing while at work just seems wrong. Anyway, my hope for the big storm was that it would hit on a day off so I could go to my favorite Flowage (Gartzke) and snow shoe, but it looks like it's not all going to melt by the time I get the chance, so it's all good. Winter finally came, and just in time for spring.

Last Sunday in RE, February 26, there were 32 babies, children, and youth in our various classrooms. There were 14 adults working in support of these kids for a total of 46 human beings involved in our religious education program. Here's what happened:

0-3 Year-Olds

There were three 0-3 year-olds with volunteers Leanna Oertel and Lisa Carrol. The kids made people out of Play Doh and drew pictures using markers.

4-6 Year-Olds

There were two 4-6 year-olds with teachers Sarah Thurs and Collin Csuy. The class discussed Dinosaur Cousins, a book pointing out the similarities and differences between the animals of today and the dinosaurs of long ago. The class talked about how the animals of today and of long ago might be related. Everyone acted out the poem "Dinosaurs" and made themselves tall, small, flying, swimming, stomping, and loud. The kids read Dinosaur Roar and completed a Same/Different worksheet. The kids finished out the class by playing with some dinosaur toys.

1st-3rd Grades

There were ten 1st-3rd graders with teachers Kati Maier and Greg Zavadoski. The class learned about Unitarian minister Theodore Parker and how he discovered his conscience. His conscience guided him to fight against slavery. The class made rainbow bracelets to remind them of their own consciences and to represent the UU principles. This was the last class for lead teacher Kati Maier ... many thanks to her for her dedication to the 1st-3rd graders and UUWausau RE. Greg and Ingrid Zavadoski will be continuing in the class as assistant teachers.

4th-6th Grades

There were seven 4th-6th graders with teachers Julie White and Mary Ann Masterton. Julie thanked the class (this is Julie's last day with them) and complimented them on their participation and attentiveness. This was the final class about Earth-Centered Celebrations and the class focused again on Halloween/Samhaim. The class learned about "harvest death" in the natural world (compost and decay), and they found out what their ancestors thought about death.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Sunday, March 4, Erin Verley and Jane Neal will begin teaching Unitarian Universalism to the kids. Erin and Jane would like the kids to report to class at 10:30 AM rather than starting in the sanctuary. This change will remain in effect until the end of the church year.

7th-9th Grades

There were nine 7th-9th graders with teachers Mandy Wright and Dan Bowers. The topic was teenage pregnancy, and the teachers reported that the group and role-play activities worked well.

10th-12th Grades

There were three 10th-12th graders with teachers Sarah Rudolph and Brad Schmicker. The topic was intimacy.

This Sunday, March 4, RE classes will be in session for kids from birth through 12th grade.

Our Teachers:

Leanna Oertel and Lisa Carrol will work with our 0-3 year-olds.

Sarah Thurs and Collin Csuy will work with our 4-6 year-olds.

Greg Zavadoski and Matt Powers will teach our 1st-3rd graders.

Erin Verley and Jane Neal will teach our 4th-6th graders.

Josh Wright and Mandy Wright will teach our 7th-9th graders.

Sarah Rudolph and Brad Schmicker will teach our 10th-12th graders.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , 715.842.3697, or 715.610.0500).

Many thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing you this Sunday, March 4, and eating whatever you might bring for Potluck. :-)

XO, Love,


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